How It Works

How It Works - Pull Up Trainer

At Alium Fitness, we are on a mission to create cutting-edge accessories that enhance every workout and elevate the fitness experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. We believe that every rep counts and every movement matters, which is why our equipment is engineered for efficiency, durability, and safety. This video showcases how to use the pull up trainer in your workout. 


Why It Works - Pull Up Trainer

Designed utilizing high quality Layered Latex band, The Pull-up Trainer is the first, and only, pull-up assistance device to assist the user through their upper back/Latissimus dorsi (Lat) demanding all required muscles to engage while offering assistance through the pull-up movement.



Use this device and all of our fitness equipment AT YOUR OWN RISK. We cannot be present to supervise your use of our products.

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